Get acquainted with the individuals you'll collaborate with, explore their industry backgrounds, and discover what ignites their passion.


Creative Director

With over three decades of experience in Advertising and Creative Design, I've had the privilege of working across various disciplines, catering to the needs of both small and large corporate entities. Including Big Pharma, Cold Storage, Scientific to Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and Engineering, I've navigated through diverse sectors, crafting creative concepts and refining branding strategies.

My expertise extends to User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) within website design and development. Most often, you'll find me orchestrating projects, managing teams, and ensuring seamless execution. When I'm not immersed in work, you can catch me unwinding with a glass of Prosecco or a G&T, or perhaps hitting the gym to stay energizsed and focused.

Feel free to reach out at 01256 263 640 to discuss how I can contribute to your next project or initiative.


Marketing Consultant

With a background of over two decades in engineering, Jamie has helped technical and complex businesses to find and connect with new customers, build profits and get repeat business.

His love of engineering, natural problem solving skills and passion for marketing, allows Jamie to look at the complete customer journey and improve communication. Supporting clients with traditional and digital marketing, and the latest technology to ensure a consistent flow of business.

Feel free to reach out at 01256 263 640 to discuss how I can contribute to your next project or initiative.

SEo, PPC, Social Media, Digital


SEO - PPC Specialist

Online marketing PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, Analytics- Keyword Research - Campaign development - Positioning strategies - Brand strategy & development with over 30yrs experience of the marketing mix, strategy, content & strategic marketing plans, potential markets & media response.

Feel free to reach out at 01256 263 640 to discuss how I can contribute to your next project or initiative.


Senior Graphic Designer

Luke, equipped with youthful energy and a talent for logo design and brand development, shines in the realms of design, social media, and keeping up with digital trends. His innovative approach ensures that even the older generation stays updated with the ever-evolving digital landscape.

With a keen focus on understanding your design preferences and requirements, Luke has a knack for making visuals captivating. And if he can't enhance it any further, be assured, he'll infuse it with the irresistible charm of adorable kittens or puppies

because their allure is unmatched.


Designer & Social Media

Designer, Artworker and photographer. Loves creating beautiful brochures, banners, livery or logos, sophisticated social posts or large scale murals. Highly skilled in professional photography.

Part time history nerd and full time telly addict.and films!

To contact Sophie please ring 01256 263 640


Lead Developer/Software Engineer & Programmer

Full stack developer - Software engineer -

Skilled in both front end and back end languages and can work with multiple frameworks - ability to analyse complex technical information & business requirements and assess impact within the existing database architecture. With excellent research & problem solving skills Extensive experience building software applications and API integration.

Javascript, CSS, HTML, SCSS, JQuery, Ionic and other pertinent frameworks - proficient in:Front end, Back end, CMS, Ecommerce, Dev OPS, Payment Gateways Bespoke & 3rd part Integrations - Back end Database administration expertise - with a foundational understanding of design - Testing and Debugging.

To contact Erild please ring 01256 263 640


Senior Developer/Accounting Software

Senior Developer/Accountant software programmer.

With nearly 30 years of experience in designing and building successful websites from startups to major companies like British Airways and His extensive experience spans different sectors such as Building, Finance, and travel, leisure & hospitality and more Dennis is also AAT qualified. With his broad range of expertise, he always provides the best solutions by matching problem-solving with the right technology.

Highly skilled in Javascript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP, and other technologies, coupled with expertise in databases Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL, he can offer solutions including front end, back end, CMS, and Ecommerce.

To contact Dennis please ring 01256 263 640


Business Development/Lead Gen

Sarah epitomises exceptional communication skills, meticulous attention to detail, and a genuine passion for helping others, all supported by her innate organisational abilities.

With a profound grasp of the complex operational dynamics within campaigns, she adeptly sustains customer and prospect engagement while overseeing crucial tasks.

Specialising in optimising your direct marketing endeavours, Sarah flawlessly coordinates every facet. From scrupulously managing data acquisition and refinement to guaranteeing seamless fulfilment and follow-up, she ensures your campaigns achieve unparalleled precision and effectiveness.

Furthermore, leveraging her expertise in direct mail marketing, Sarah elevates your lead generation and appointment-setting efforts, thereby enhancing your overall marketing impact.


Marketing & Digital

Bringing a serious amount of experienced marketing years to the team (best mates with the Grim reaper) with a passion for fishing & playing guitar in a band.

I am commercially astute and quickly able to assess new opportunities, I love to use my broad range of marketing experience and skills to help transform a business through tightly focused marketing activities that embrace both traditional and digital techniques.

To contact Matthew please ring 01256 263 640